“We have added a gifted group of experienced educators to our instructional staff. I am so encouraged by their love for Christian based learning, and their individual talents in the classroom. We are going to have an excellent year!” Principal Langford.


“These fine educators and talented staff enhances the ability of Mrs. Langford and the Excel team to continue providing an excellent education in a Christian atmosphere,” school President Danny Deems. “We are pleased to have them on board with us as we celebrate 25 Years of Excellence!”




Mr. Danny Deems



Mr. Tony Suber

Chief Marketing Director


Mr. Gary Leeman

Chief Financial Officer


Mrs. Sheila Langford


Mrs. Donna Garland

Director of Operations



Office Staff


Mrs. Ann Fox

Business Office


Mrs. Christie Hale

Elementary Administrative Assistant


Mrs. Tiffany Mero

School Counselor

Mrs. Connie Steele

MSHS Administrative Assistant


Elementary Teaching Staff

Mrs. Cheri Bain

5th Grade Teacher 

Mrs. Lauren Bentley

2nd Grade Teacher 

Mrs. Angela daCamara

Kindergarten Para Professional


Mrs. Alyssa Johnson

1st Grade Para Professional

Mrs. Whitney Haygood

4th Grade Teacher 

Mrs. Jessica Mitcham

3rd Grade Teacher 

Mrs. LeighAnne Strain

Pre-K Teacher 

Mrs. Sharon Vosburgh

1st Grade Teacher 

Mrs. Fran Youmans

2nd Grade Teacher 
Middle and High School Teaching Staff

Mr. Shannon Boatfield

Athletic Director

Mrs. Kaley Bonner


Mrs. Bobbie Grogan


 Mrs. Kristi Hardin


Mrs. Nellie Hibbard


Dr. Sam Simon

Music & Band Director

Dr. Sherre Smith


Mrs. Christie Taylor

MSHS English Language & Literature Teacher


Mrs. Susan West

Art Teacher



Support Staff

Mrs. Tamara Deems

Media Specialist

Mrs. Kay Metcalf

Cafeteria Manager

Mrs. Terri Moore

Food Service Staff

Mr. Tony Segers

Facilities Manager